Strutting the Planet


One of the greatest experiences of travelling is meeting new friends from all over the world, who also share the love of Strutting the Planet. Here are pics of new friends we have made.

Uncle Tans Jungle Camp on the Kinabatangan River in Sabah- L o R: Richard and Judith (Holland), Jacob and Nicola (Czech Republic), Teo (Guide), Pieter (Holland)

Great bunch of jungle buddies


Borneo Biostation, Kudat:  Martien (Belgium), Andrew and Vicki (Dubai)

Our new BFF's


Brunei- Danny



Kuching-  Maxine and Russell Patterson (Melbourne, Australia), Alan and Barbara Reid (South Africa)

Friends in Kuching


Lqngkawi- the ladies from Honeyzone Travel



Khao Lak- Andrew and Kathy, Jim and Christine- all from Sydney



Hua Hin- our lovely friend Carol Ann, whose home we housitted, with “Sweet Pea”

20150712_143357 IMG_3850


Hua Hin- our wonderful Aussi friends living HH- Shannon and David (originally from Perth) and Alan and Theresa (from Christmas Island)



Hua Hin- Sunday lunch with Carol ann,  Liz, Pete, Sheila, Judy


Our Canadian friends living in The Lees- the complex that we are housesitting in Hua Hin


3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Phil Ford and Deb Dexter

    Ok…we’re greeeen! Good for you guys. We look forward to keeping up with your ‘struts’. Is Langkawi Malaysia on the agenda? We love it there. Happy travels. ♥♥

    1. Post author

      Great to hear from you. Off in two days for Langkawi for 5 days, then into Thailand for a couple of months. Good to have you follow our travels. Let’s hope we can catch up along the way.

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