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Dalat is a welcome change to those who get tired of hot weather. It is the romance capital of Vietnam with may people honeymooning there. It is located in the Lang Bien Hghlands and the elevation of Da Lat also makes it the food bowl where almost every vegetable, fruit and coffee are grown. Reminds us of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.   And they produce wine here! Which is passable only, but inexpensive.

And it rains A LOT from May through to October.




Some of the fantastic hand crafted hats for purchase to keep you warm and cosy – above,

We took a half day tour on the back of a couple of motorbikes with a father and son duo.  They purported to be part of the Easy Riders group – but we don’t think so.  But these guys were great – and very used to Australians and had all the lingo down pat – No Worries Mate!

Beautiful country side.


This is the kind of terrain that the farmers work everyday.


We asked not to be taken to any of the tourists spots but said that we’d like to see the minority people if possible. Our guide took us to a very out of the way village and explained to us that these places are not set up for tourists.  In fact these ladies seemed a little uncomfortable with us being here, but it does show that they are not dressed in their finery everyday.  This is how these people live when not being viewed by tourists. These Ko Ho people are a matriarchal society.



This lady is the grandma of the child on her back.  She graciously allowed a photo.


We were also taken to Lat Village – Chicken Village – which is set up for tourists. You can still see and understand how the people live their everyday lives – such as the group below who are working the kitchen garden.




Bikers take a break on the top of the best road we’ve seen in Vietnam.  Paid for by the government to service the amazing Golf facilities and Secom resort – behind. 20160919_115540_resized

Tuyen Lam Lake. The Valley of Love.


The Dalat Palace Golf Club is situated 5000 feet above sea level. Looks amazing – and expensive. Will  would have loved to play this beautiful course below.


Our Guide had many stories about his time in the re-education camps and also when he served with the American Marines.  He took us to his house where we met his wife and saw this photo of him looking so young.  And of course a quick pose in his green beret.  Great stories!



Com Ga for lunch – chicken rice. Then rain threatened again so we beat the downpour back to our place for the usual afternoon siesta.


There is a very large market in Dalat – a lot of it is undercover and some not. Out in the carpark (bike park?) we saw this little girl who has just taken possession of a new dress so a photo is called for. Dad has pineapple for an afternoon snack.





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  1. Regan

    Love the hats!
    The Green Beret man’s eyes look almost blue – must be unusual there?
    Unless it’s just cloudy aged eyes perhaps.

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