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  1. Jim and Lyn Lancaster

    Hi cous just to let you know that we are following you on the computer. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your self. I have not been on the computer for some time and have only just found your blog. So rest assure we will catch up. Love to you both Lyn and Jim.

  2. Chris & Jim Schubert

    Lovely to meet you at Beond! Looking forward to following your adventures via your blog!

    1. Post author

      Thanks guys! We love having you along. Still a couple more days of bliss here though… enjoy!

  3. Andrew and Cathy McLeod

    Hi Will and Georgie,
    Good to meet you last night. I’ve just been looking at your blog and I must say I’m bloody Jealous. I hope the rain clears so you can search out the ruins over the headland. I have attached the link to the cooking class we did in Chaing Mai , it was great fun.
    Safe travels Andrew and Cathy

    1. Post author

      Hi Andrew and Cathy – just saw this one so sorry for the late response. Good to catch up with you all last night. See you by the pool!!

    1. Post author

      You betcha! Why not come over. Leaving Vientiane on Friday for a couple of weeks down in south of Laos, then back to Thailand on Nov. 3 to housesit for another month- then Ko Samui for 2 weeks, Ko Tao, Christmas in Hua Hin and off to Cambodia on the 27th of December. Great for you to keep in touch with us. There is a bed waiting in Hua in in November for you.

  4. Naty Quive/Shane Wackett

    Hi Georgie and Will,
    It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. You are both amazing people and we really enjoyed to keep bumbing to each other on street, at the hotel and at the market. I can say for sure that something/someone big than us put us in the same path during two days. We hope to see you again in Australia or other part of the world.

    Naty and Shane

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