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Georgie and Will

We are Will and Georgie – married couple from Perth, Western Australia.  Our children are all independent and we have severe wanderlust and a huge desire to see as much of the world as is humanly possible.

We have travelled as often as we could while we were working but it has been our dream for a long time to quit our jobs, sell our stuff and strut around the planet where and when we like.  So – we sold all our stuff except our house, so that we have somewhere to live when/if we return.

Massive job people – but worth the work so that we can pursue our dreams. And it is really difficult to part with a lot of the stuff we believed we needed.

We hope you enjoy coming along with us on our adventures and hope you will share our blog address with your family and friends.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wendy Cook

    So glad you two can live your dream. I will follow you as your journey progresses and look forward to enjoying your travels as you share them. Love you and be safe.

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